Alhamdulillah, this programme has been held at MWHS on 27/3/2010 Saturday, 1.30pm – 3.30pm and conducted by MAB Sheffield.

The topic for the program was The fully balanced Muslim family strategy which was presented by Dr Amin Belhaj, President MAB UK/Eire.

There were arround 50 audiences attended this program.


The summary of the topic presented as given below:

1. Tazkeerah

  • from surah Al Furqan:76
  • Fear the hell fire – protect you & family
  • Relationship – An Nisa:21
  • Do the best for the family

2. Essential pillar in building happy family

  • Knows his role in family
  • Feels the important of his role in family
  • Do what ever is needed to fulfill his role

3. Challenge

  • To be a successful in life so, we must be successful in all roles

4. Strategy

  1. Determine precisely your roles in life
  2. Define clearly what do you want to achieve in each role
  3. Feel the strong important of the success in each role – a. Feel the strong pain if you fail, b. Feel the pleasure if you succeed
  4. Determine the task you should do to fulfill the duty of each role
  5. Learn haow to do all the tasks in each role
  6. Plan weekly & daily – a. Each morning revise your roles and visualise your succeess, b. Each night before sleep make a review of your performance during the day and write your notes, c.Each week, review your performance for the last week & plan for the coming week.

5. Do not forget

  • Seek for Allah help – ask Allah to help us
  • Fully follow the strategy

Jazakumullahu khairan

May Allah bless us in their right path and Jannah

Thank you.

Reported by
Biro Dakwah & Tarbiyyah MSM Sheffield