Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah, Mu’az Firdausi bin Khairul Izham telah selamat dilahirkan pada 19 Mei 2010. Kelahiran bayi comel ini 3 bulan lebih awal daripada kelahiran normal (minggu ke-27). Bayi seberat 1kg ini kini mendapat penjagaan intensif di salah sebuah hospital di Czech Republic yang menelan belanja yang agak tinggi. Bayi ini merupakan anak sulung kepada pasangan Khairul Izham dan isterinya.

Bagi meringankan beban akh Khairul Izham, pihak MSM UK & Eire melancarkan “Mu’az Firdausi Fund Appeal”. Segala perincian untuk membuat derma, boleh dilihat di dalam poster di bawah. Jom sama-sama memberikan sumbangan.

Untuk maklumat lanjut dan terkini tentang perkembangan bayi comel ini, sila layari

Assalamualaikum wbt..

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who has already been helping us by making continous du’aa, monetary donations, as well as moral support to me,my wife Hazilla,and our young mujahid Mr Muaz Firdausi bin Khairul Izham. I can only hold my hands up and pray to Allah that He may grant all of you al-Jannah for the things that you have done in making this easier for us.

For those who doesnt know the story yet, my wife gave birth to our first son on the 19th May 2010. However, it was a premature birth where our baby was delivered 13 weeks before my wife’s expected delivery date. This totally caught us by surprise as from the last check up that we had a week earlier we were told by the doctor that everything up to that point has been fine.

Whilst we felt very thrilled and grateful that Allah has given us our eagerly-awaited young mujahid in the shape of the little Mu’az Firdausi, the timing of it did caught us by surprise as we were actually planning to deliver the baby in Malaysia. In Czech, all pregnant women must have a pregnancyinsurance cover which would entitle them to care and treatment in the hospital. However, the insurance was quite expensive and we have decided against taking the insurance as we would not be able to bear the financial side of it,plus we were planning to have our baby delivered in Malaysia anyway.Little did we know that The Almighty has had a different plan.

As with other premature babies,our little Muaz Firdausi would need to be cared for in a special unit with an incubator and everything for about 40 days if everything goes smoothly.Without the insurance, we are going to have to bear all the cost ourselves..and the cost for using the incubator per day is 25000kc which would translate into around EUR1000 per day. So in total we are looking at a figure of EURO 40 000 just to make sure that our little Muaz get every little help he needed to survive this test Allah has given him(and us) since day one of his life.

Therefore, we would really appreciate if any of you who would be willing to contribute financially to lessen our burden here though this centralized appeal account organized by Majlis Syura Muslimun(MSM) UK & Ireland who has kindly agreed to act as a donation point for us.Even if you cant help out financially and making du’a is pretty much the only thing u can contribute, we would still be eternally grateful for that as well.

(Abu Mu’az)